Specialist Property Management Service

Housemark is a specialist property management agency servicing South-East Queensland.

Housemark is solely focussed on property management and we do not have a sales division. This means that 100% of our focus is dedicated to ensuring your investment property is properly managed.

Not only does “Properly Managed” mean achieving the best possible returns on your investment, but also working with you to place high-quality tenants, giving landlords and tenants access to the latest in property management software and technology and fostering the development of the best property managers in the industry.

Our Approach

Housemark is South East Queensland’s fastest growing property management company.

We have elevated Property Management to an art form, a profession. We have taken apart every aspect of Property Rental Management and rebuilt it, properly.

We provide exceptional property management expertise and guarantee to achieve the very best rental returns, protection and growth for your real estate investments. Whether you already have a healthy property portfolio or are a first time investor, Housemark is committed to driving your investment property success.

100% Property Management Focused

As a specialist property management business, we are solely focused on our landlord and tenant experience.
We dedicate every day to providing an exemplary service. Elevating the standard of property management in the industry is central to our mission.

Our Brand

A “Housemark” was historically used to represent not only ownership of a property, but one’s responsibility for everything within that property and the people who lived there.

Housemark symbolises our commitment to Landlords and the trust they place in our team. Housemark is a mark of trust from the owner of a property and a mark of responsibility and commitment from us.

We protect your investment, anticipate your needs and improve your outcomes.

Our Team

It’s simple, the best people in the industry join Housemark. We attract energetic, accountable people who share a passion for managing property properly.

The properly managed logo Process

We are committed to delivering a benchmark property management service to both Landlords and Tenants. Our process is both robust and under constant review and optimisation.

Our ongoing mission is to ensure our definition of “Properly Managed” is exceptional service to our Landlords and Tenants.

We believe that Landlords should expect and be delivered an exemplary property management service that exceeds their expectations.

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