We're Not Like Other Real Estate Agencies

At Housemark, our only focus and business is property management. We do not have a sales division.

Traditionally, rent rolls were poorly managed by Real Estate agencies.

It was seen as a sideline to their main business, given to admin assistants to “manage”.

We saw an opportunity to do it better. To do it properly.

We are a team of proactive Property Managers. We like to get things done. Give us a task,  process or a problem and it is simply managed.


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    The Housemark Difference

    At Housemark, we place new tenants twice as fast as the Brisbane average with exceptional landlord retention.

    Housemark does not have a sales arm of the business, which means 100% of our focus is ensuring your property is Properly Managed.

    We provide exceptional property management expertise and guarantee to achieve the very best rental returns, protection and growth for your real estate investments. 

    Whether you already have a healthy property portfolio or are a first time investor, Housemark is committed to driving your investment property success.

    Properly Managed.

    A high level of service is what Landlord’s should expect.

    At Housemark, the term “Properly Managed” has been redefined.

    Housemark’s team of highly educated property portfolio managers offer a personal service tailored to the unique needs of each landlord and property.

    With in-depth knowledge of local trends, property values and investment growth strategies, your Housemark agent will be on call to ensure your assets are well protected.

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